krystal schultheiss vjks

Krystal Schultheiss (VJKS) is Motion Graphic Designer from Melbourne Australia. She graduated from RMIT in 2007 with a B.A in Animation and Interactive Media with Distinctions. Since then she has become driven by her passion for Motion Design.

Currently Krystal is a full time Motion Designer for FloodSlicer. She has previously worked at design studios such as Caramel CreativeAdslot and for an array for freelance clients.

As a VJ and projection artist, she has been mixing animations live and projection mapping locally and internationally since 2011. She has performed and or installed projection installations at White Nights, Rainbow Serpent, Earthcore, Gertrude Street Projection Festival and L’oreal Melbourne Fashion Week for Nixi Killick and more.

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Krystals experimentation with projection mapping began in her VJ sets. With this experience and as a full time Motion Designer role with FloodSlicer, she participated in mapping and animating FloodSlicer’s piece for Gertrude Street Projection Festival. Her current installation works extend into questioning the viewers perception of spacial awareness.
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Krystal’s passion for Motion Design has extended her skill set into using programs such as After Effects and Cinema 4D. She is particularly interested in particle generation and generative dynamic animation. Currently she is takling 3DSmax with the team at FloodSlicer.
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Within her live performance, Krystal mixes and manipulates her individually designed motion graphics and animations. Along with live generated imagery, she experiments visually with images of nature and geometric forms, as an expression of her phenomenological encounter with reality.
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