Responsibilities: Design and Development / Website Flow / Web Development / Social Media Strategy / Search Engine Optimisation

The Kirby Group wanted a website that would enable their Coburg Aquarium customers to personally connect with the store and easily find product information. The design of the website focused on the size of the location, product range, custom services information, , historical information of the store, and a comprehensive image gallery of the unique range of livestock offered.

Corporate, professional, specialised and friendly is how the group wanted Coburg Aquarium to appear. A blue illustrative lion-fish came to represent the brand’s identity. A web 2.0 inspired look and layout was given to the site to give it a sense of professionalism. To improve readability of the copy, a warm dark grey font was used against a warm white coloured background. A blue sharp border in the image area was used to highlight the navigation and feature image.

The Livestock image gallery now enables users to visually navigate through the fish, reptiles, aquascaping products, and corals available in the store. The 3D wall plug-in populates its images through a XML file that can be updated at a later date. A professional photographer was hired to add credibility to the Coburg Aquarium brand. Rounded edges and borders were added to the images to give the user an intuitive feel for it as a button to navigate further.

Interactive flip books were created using Adobe InDesign for the tanks section of the site. This give browsers an innovative yet traditional experience to look though images and information of products. Further information about each type of tank was then added below in HTML for the viewer to find specific information quickly.

Coburg Aquarium


Coburg Aquarium Livestock

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