Responsibilities: Creative Concept / Art Direction / Filming / Video Editing / Motion Graphics / Online Publishing / Social Media Strategy

The 2009 ‘Don’t Ban the Can’ video was created to build brand awarness and to be used in presentations for future projects. The video aimed to recap who painted at the events, to show a fun lively & friendly atmosphere, show the people & companies who supported the day.

The whole day was originally filmed as the event took place. The edits of the video concentrated on the step-by-step happenings of the day. This editing followed the time signatures of the video to give the video an exciting feel.

The motion graphics intro sequence was given a design look & feel to create a sense of professionalism to the project and to deter away from a grimy graffiti feel. The key frames of the intro & outro sequence where synced with the audio to continue to capture the viewer’s attention.