‘Reprise’ is the yoga asana (poses) of Masha Gorodilova, motion traced, re illustrated and projection mapped by Krystal Schultheiss, on to the Gertrude Street Hotel for the Gertrude Street Projection Festival in July 2015.

The Projection Mapped animation is a digital interpretation of the movement, rhythm and flow of the human body. Tracking motion can be described as the practice of recording certain positions of moving points in space. By tracking and tracing the movement between each pose, ‘Reprise’ invites the viewer to witness the unseen liminal movements in a poetic and ethereal form.

‘Reprise’ encompasses a visual exploration of rhythm and expression and emphasises the gracefulness and strength of the human body.


About the Yogi
Masha Gorodilova is a Senior yoga teacher and Founder of Happy Melon in Melbourne Australia. Masha’s yoga practice began aged 13 in Russia (Siberia) where she was born. In 2001 she migrated to Australia where she later did her yoga teacher training. Masha has traveled worldwide and have studied Purna and Anusara yoga with a combination of strength and conditioning training. Masha’s power vinyasa style is strong and fun, encouraging my students to keep their hearts open, wild and free.