Responsibilities: Creative Concept / Art Direction / Storyboard / Project Management / Filming / Video Editing / Motion Graphics

You can also view the interview on video here

The aim of the “Pet of the Month’’ campaign was to create a positive message about pet ownership & to bring the Upmarket Pets customers into store’s online community.

The videos gave insight into the day-to-day life of the pet in their home.  Title sequences were personified to create a happy look and feel, giving a strong introduction to the current Pet of the Month character.

Upmarket Pets YouTube play list on Upmarket Pets Channel

Upmarket Pets Community Title Sequence -  included in every ‘Pet of the Month’ and feature story video.

image of Upmarket Pets, Pet of the Month Motion Graphic Title Sequence

Example of a personified title sequence for Mickey and Snowy. More title sequences can be viewed my YouTube Title Sequences playlist

Fades between shots of the pet  and their owner hanging out at home gave a visual description of what the owner shared about their pet. The motion graphic sequences for the Pet of the Month videos incorporated the websites ‘community’ colour identity (green) and an iconic set of pet symbols were used to create an exciting & domestic pet atmosphere.

The Pet of the Month videos were then featured onto the front page of the Upmarket Pets website. To create traffic & awareness the video was then further pushed through the Upmarket Pets digital newsletter & Social Media streams.


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