Responsibilities: Creative Concept / Art Direction / Design and Development / Website Flow / Web Development / Social Media Strategy / Social Media Implementation / Search Engine Optimisation

The Kirby Group were seeking to upgrade their online presence for Upmarket Pets,  a retail pet store. The aim of the new site was to create a personal connection with customers and to allow them to be updated with the regular incomings of livestock, products and product specials.

A set of characters were designed to create a personal connection with the user then animated, working to also capture their attention as they subtly moved around in the browser. The design aesthetic of the packaging of the products within the store was also considered in the creative process.

A colour-coded system was established in the navigation bar and thoughout the site to distinguish the difference between site sections:  Product, Community, Contact and Livestock.

A WordPress Content Management System backend was used in conjunction with a custom designed theme. WordPress technologies enable easy updates to the site and the implementation of an extensive Search Engine Optimisation strategy.

A Social Media strategy was also created to personally update customers online each time the website was updated. This increased sales and strengthened brand awareness. Notifications were pushed out through a central application that scheduled and sent our multiple updates via facebook pages, facebook profiles and twitter.

‘Upmarket Pets’ is organically ranked highly in the common key word searches such as: pet shop, pet shop Melbourne, pet supplies, & common breeds of dogs that are sold in store with the addition of the Melbourne location.

Comparison of 2009 statistics 2010 statistics (before and after)

  • Visits are up by 76.78%
  • Page Views are up by 79.65%
  • Absolute Unique Visitors are up by 66.93%

Upmarket Pets website

puppies instock list

Breed Description page

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